About Nomad and its Founder

Being one of those strange kids who took care of my ”things” I still have my first slot car and most of them since. I continue to add to my collection. While I love all forms of slot cars, my collection focuses on handmade cars, mostly from the 1960’s or made with parts from that era. . I still have many of those old cars, and I continue to add to my collection of vintage slot cars. I see them as a form of “folk art/engineering”. I appreciate and encourage those who continue to build such cars and love to teach the skills.

Part of Jim’s Collection of vintage slot cars.

As a high school senior science project, I was given access to the wind tunnel lab at Stevens Institute of Technology and used it to test 1/24 scale slot car bodies. I learned a lot, as I documented drag and downforce on nearly all bodies available at the time, then I tested cars on the track to confirm correlation between the data and real world application. but the magazine that was to publish the results in folded before I completed the project.

Moving to California 1974 to go to college, slot racing took a back seat, but never really went away. I raced at several Southern California tracks including the San Diego YMCA, LeMans Raceway in Vista, Mini Motorsports in Escondido, Billiards & Slots in El Cajon, Buena Park Raceway and Santee Model Raceway. I returned in 1999 to my favorite track in Elmsford NY for their 30th anniversary. In 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 I won a class in each of the Marconi Foundation Proxy Races, an international competition for 1/32 scale cars which bring out many of the world's best scratch-builders.