Private parties at Nomad Raceways

Private race parties at Nomad Race Center, Vista, CA

Race with your team, family, company or friends.

"You Can Crash at Our Place!" 

Video of Porsche car Club Racing at Nomad Raceways:

Vido of Car club Racing at Nomad Raceways  

Nomad Raceways offers private slot car racing parties at our location in Vista, CA.  We serve all of North San Diego County and Southern Orange county with occasional visitors worldwide.
Porsche Car club slot car Racing at Nomad Raceways near San Diego, CA

With over 50 years of experience, we have developed several forms of slot car racing that are easy, engaging and yet fascinating to play.  Spectators tell us it is even more fun to watch than real Motorsports!

SDPCA Porsche club slot car racing event in Vista Near San Diego,CA  
Private race parties give you exclusive use of our whole facility and the full attention of our experienced staff.
Porsche car club slot car racing at Nomad Raceways, Vista

We can have as many as 24 players actively racing or acting as pit crew at one time, and many more will enjoy cheering on their friends.
Big event at Nomad Slot Racing  

This IS fun for all ages, we have had racers just barely three years old, and some of them have been real champions.
Kids Race

At Nomad Raceways slot car racing is fun for families and mixed age groups.

A perfect outing for car clubs, church groups, scouts, sports teams, company events, or family gatherings. 
Sticker Kids   
You can choose racing only, B.Y.O. food and refreshment, order delivery or catering.

Birthday party for Car Crazy Boy
 We always have table seating for 16 and can add more by request.

If you plan for food or decoration you are welcome to arrive 30 minutes before your party to cover our tables, (they serve as workbenches during club racing events) and set up.  We have a small freezer, refrigerator, microwave sink and prep counter if needed.  Optionally, we can have the tables and even food ready when you arrive.  We use and recommend our favorite local restaurant "Palomar Pizza" for delivery.  You can view their menu here. (more than just Pizza!)    

Your Race Director will greet racers as they arrive.  For larger parties, each track will have a race director.  We usually start with 45 minutes of speed and crashing fun on our oval track.  We run a new race every minute and everyone will be wearing Winner Stickers very soon.  

If you are serving food, we can take a short break for refueling and celebration.  Then we will conduct a "Championship Race" one or more of our larger racetracks and award more stickers. Always an exciting finish!

Finally, we count stickers to determine the top drivers and can give trophies or prizes.  We can give your gifts or we have a selection of trophies and awards for sale.       

If we have a guest of honor, a large cloth checkered flag will be presented for all friends to sign.  

Private party - 2 hours of exclusive facility use for your guests.  

  • Scheduled during Saturday before Noon or anytime Sunday. 
  • Base party rate is $290 for 6 racers.  $20 each additional racer.  Parents and guests are welcome to watch and cheer on their drivers.
  • Four 6 foot table and 16 chairs for you exlusive use, You may bring food, drinks, decorate and celebrate!  We recommned table covers for our workbench/tables. For larger parties, we can add more tables and an outdoor canopy. 
  • Many, many win stickers for winners of a new race every minute!  Trophy for top score and slot car for guest of honor.  We have a case full of awards for dale it your like more.
  • Parents and guests and watch the excitement free!  We can even do a brief race for the big kids at no exta charge!

Race time party - one hour during public hours.  

  • Scheduled during our regular hours.  M-F 5 to 9PM and Saturdays Noon to 8PM
  • Base party rate is $75 for 6 racers.  $12 each additional racer. 
  • Many, many win stickers for winners of a new race every minute!  Trophy for top score and slot car for guest of honor.
  • Parents and guests and watch the excitement free!  We can even do a brief race for the big kids at no exta charge!

Up to 10 racers we run one track at at time.  More than 10 racers, two tracks at once,  More than 16 racers, three tracks at once. All racers will get a turn at each track. 


  • Colorful Table covers, plates cups and forks, ready when you arrive. +$4 each racer.
  • 2 slices of quality pizza, and choice of 1 soft drink. +8.50 each racer.
  • Catered and/or open bar, host a "Drink and Drive" party. :<)  Ask for a quote.
  • Slot cars from from $16 each.  Save $5/hour on by not renting a car during public hours.  Plus, tuning an maintaining your cars is half the fun and gives a competitive edge. 
  • Gifts cards available.  
  • Additional trophies from $1.89,  
  • Hugh selection of slot cars,accessories and race sets for the home in stock.
While you are here, view our Slot Car Museum, shop our huge slection of slot cars, track and accessories, whatch cable TV or use our free WiFi.

Reserve your party today.  Call 760-492-4619 for scheduling and reserve your date with a $50 deposit. Deposit is not refundable.

You are also welcome to "Arrive and Drive"  for shared facility use during public hours. Visti us prior to your party as a "test drive", or follow-up on the party fun with more play or club racing any weekenight or Saturday.