Quadrophenia” Was built for tradeshows, large parties, and racing enthusiasts “Q” is the most popular track at Nomad Raceways.   Excellent for close, fair competitions. No experience is necessary, but this track rewards skillful driving. Crashed cars are easily reached and reslotted, so crashing is not a problem. Our crew will have you back on track in a flash.

“Q” measures 8' by 17', (fits in 10’ by 20’) and features a balanced 54' lap length, large, sweeping compound radius turns, 360 degree video and 5-speaker sound.  Computerized race control manages a variety of race formats.  Variable main power voltage provides for adjustable skill levels and car types. 

This track is compatible with virtually any type of slot car. Large commercial 1/24 scale, vintage cars, all brands of 1/32. Kids love 1/43 scale on this track and with just a minor modification, HO cars run much better on "Q" than any plastic HO track!


Tower with monitors, speakers and color colored lanes keep spectators abreast of the standings. Race director wears a wireless Microphone for pre-race instruction and race commentary.