Portable 6 Player 5’ x 14’ Oval

Nomad Oval is now our favorite portable track for business promotions, and parties for ALL ages!
We run a new race for 6 drivers every 3 minutes, providing hands-on for up to 180 people per hour.

The action is fast, exciting and engaging, so many more will stop by to watch, then play.

In a party setting we will extend the races duration and increase the challenge as skills develop.

Suitable for children age 5+, adults and mixed age groups.

9 cars at a time draft, bump and crash around a steeply banked oval.

Easy to drive, yet challenging to win, the races are a blast whether you are driving or cheering!

Race director wears a wireless microphone to call the action.

Results are shown instantly on monitors.

New digital technology allows independent control of each cars speed and lane changing from hand held controllers.