Portable 6 Player 5’ x 12’ Oval for distant events.

This track packs nearly the same size and performance as our favorite Oval track, into cases that fly as normal baggage for super efficient coverage of distant events.

All transport, set-up and operation is performed by one experienced professional. We have travelled the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East to perform at important tradeshow, conference and hospitality events for our Corporate clients. (see our Testimonials page)

We run a new race for 6 drivers every 3 minutes, providing hands-on for up to 180 people per hour.

The action is fast, exciting and engaging, so many more will stop by to watch, then play. In a party setting we will extend the races duration and increase the challenge ask skills develop.

Suitable for children age 5+, adults and mixed age groups.

9 cars at a time draft, bump and crash around a steeply banked oval.

Easy to drive, yet challenging to win, the races are a blast whether you are driving or cheering!

Race director wears a wireless microphone to call the action.