Black Diamond

Named after the expert run at our favorite ski resort, Black Diamond is a thrilling combination of flat out speed and twisty slow sections; this track is a blast for those who dare try it!  When Black Diamond bites you, you’ll be pleased to find that her walls are lined with soft rubber.  She is kinder on your equipment than most tracks.

Wrapped in a sexy diamond checked skirt, Black Diamond is 4 lanes of silky smooth Carrera tack with a light traction spray treatment. Motivation is by four 20 Amp power supplies, one for each lane. She measures 10’ by 20’ with 68’ lap length. Run all you favorites with or without traction magnets. Start flat out for 22’ down the straight and through the 10’ wide 30 degree bank, and a short descenting back stright.  Stand on the brake into a tight “deadman” turn. Weave through the twisty slow section, then sweep on to the inside straight. Punch it to a dogleg at the crest. The car gets light as you set up for the sweeping donut.  Pop out under the bridge into a tight 120 degree right that returns you to the main straight for another exciting pass.

Great track to drive for fun or for exciting races.

Available at Nomad only.