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Right-sized fun. 1/32 scale slot car drag racing takes off!

1/32 scale slot car drag racing is growing, with more kits and cars available than ever. This should not be a surprise as drag racing dominates many 1/24 scale commercial slot car raceways.

Drag racing has its advantages…

Drag tracks take less space.  Races rarely damage detailed cars. Win/loss drama every few seconds.  A different set of skills to learn in setting up a car, picking your dial-in and honing your reaction time to thousandths of a second.  With the bracket format, cars of varying speed can compete, so no car is too fast or too slow.

Building can be the best part of racing…

For me, and others who like to build or modify our cars, and who may be limited in gathering for races, the Slot Car Drag Race Proxy World Challenge is a great way to branch into drag racing.  After all, no track is needed!  All the racing will occur on a professional, drag strip that has held several World Championship events.  The event is scored on three criteria; Top Speed, ET (time to cover the distance) and Appearance, as judged by expert judges. All cars are run as received y for a timed pass, so it is all about the cars. The builder’s challenge is to make it fast, with nice paint and detail.  There are three classes for 1/32 and others that are not scale specific, like a “3D Printed” “Just for Fun” “Wheelstander” and others.

Manufacturers may not recognize it yet but hey are producing good drag cars.

Recent Scalextric releases include cars that seem like a great basis for drag cars. Probably not the GT40 or the Escort, but the VWs, Corvette and especially the Charger all have potential. Not to mention their Mustang and Camaro releases.  I am sure there are others. 

New Scalextric for Drags

Of course, Carrera did those ’57 Chevys and Furies, ’64 Vettes and Mustangs:

Carrera Drag Prospects


Pioneer did their own Mustangs and Camaros, but those Legends cars sure look like they would make great Altered, Gassers or Super Comp cars!

Pioneer Drag cats

Now more 1/32 model kits are appearing, here are recent releases:

132 body kits





Horsepower is cheap now:

While the 1/24 guys sometimes build motors up from parts and some cost over $300  We are restricting the 1/32 classes to sealed unmodified motors.  But is not like they will be slow.  Motors costing under $20 have from 40,000 to 50,000 RPM and as much as 657 G torque.  Since most 1/32 cars come with 18,000 RPM motors with about 140 G torque, much greater motivation is available.  

132 motorsSince running these motors on our track at 16.4 volts or the optional 25 volts will generate considerable velocity, we recommend sponge tires.  Other materials sometimes skip over the sticky stuff on the shutdown area that we use to stop the cars.  Precision axles gears and foam wheels in 1/32 scale proportions are available. 

1/32 wheels and gears

Almost all of the items featured here are available from our first “Recommended Supplier” sponsor  132slotcar.US  we hope you will participate in the event and support our sponsors!  

Pro racers tip:

Remember that our drag strip may have more traction than your test track.  We may also run higher voltage and certainly have more amperage than any known 1/32 scale track. We will be running the full 1/24 quarter mile distance of 55 feet.  To prevent wheelying out of the slot and to built more top speed with smaller 1/32 wheels, use lots of weight up front and tall gears! 

What will you build?