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Why OmniSlotBox Digital / Analog Slot Racing Switch?

OmniSlotBox is the system designed, tested, and built by slot racers for slot racers who want to run all types of slot cars with all types of controllers on one track.  

Start with the best track and race control system:

We choose Carrera digital 1/32/124 track as the basis for our system.  It offers 4 bank and 5 flat curve sizes, the best lane switches, pit lanes, shoulders, and other track options for great layout design.  When used with applications like SmartRace, race control features, formats, sound effects, race announcements, scoreboard, pit stop refueling, race series tabulation, and online reports are fantastic!  You can cast your scoreboard to any TV or Wifi connected device and even adjust your car settings from your phone.  


Digital control slot cars add a whole new level of realistic racing elements. Still, there is nothing like using a great controller, the punch of a powerful motor in a commercial or pro-level slot car, the fun of HO cars on a big track, or of cruising vintage cars around with friends.


If you have or are going to invest in a nice slot car track, we think being able to run a variety of car types on it helps keep the hobby interesting and refreshed. 

SHow variety of cars OmniSlotBox enables
Some of the many types of slot car that can run on an OmniSlotBox equipped track.

There are other ways to run analog cars on a digital system, but others use digital chips that can only handle the current requirements of the small efficient motors used in homeset cars. Vintage and commercial cars draw amperage that will overheat digital control of analog cars systems. 

Perhaps you already have commercial track cars.  Maybe your local raceways have closed or you are downsizing from a large 8 lane track. Or you’d like to try digital racing and run beautifully detailed plastic cars on the track they run best on. Or you are facing the nightmare of braiding or rebranding a wood track again.

Carrera modular track never looses connection like other plastic tracks. It’s stainless rails do not corrode,  pull up or wear out like braid. It runs smooth with no clicking.  It will accommodate magnet cars. With just a tiny bit of traction spray, all tire types work great on it. If you do not already have a great Carrera layout we can help with design and supply.  


You do not need a huge track to enjoy your slot cars.  With digital racing or great analog race control, you do not need 8 or even 4 lanes wide.  What you need to enjoy everything slot racing has to offer is an OmniSlotBox.


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