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WatchGuard was highlighted in CRN at the beginning of RSA as one of the things to see at the show; WatchGuard Application Control was the first thing on that list. Today, CRN published a recap of the show, “25 Scenes from RSA”… once again, the racetrack proved to be a crowd magnet (and in this case, a press magnet, too). Thought you’d enjoy seeing this feature on the event website.
Chris McKie, Watchguard
Nothing like a little “speed” to get our sales reps charged up! This was a great entertainment for our networking party and a fun competition nearly everyone participated in. Racing for our door prizes was much more exciting than calling ticket numbers! Thank you Nomad, for adding added zip to our meeting!
George DeCrone, In Extra Corp.
Nomad was the perfect complement to our booth. Our staff engaged our visitors as never before, and collected a record number of scans. Joe was fun, charming, entertaining and professional.
R. Wiley, Telepacific Communications
Everyone in the company from accounting, to sales, administration to techs, had a blast! I did not think I could play a game like this and I actually beat the techs (hurrah!) and my boss! (oops!) Thanks Nomad! Race on!
Jill Leavy, HRS Inc.
Michael and his friends were thrilled with the race car track. The great surprise came when I discovered parents and grandparents also racing! Thank you for bringing such a quality entertainment. Jim was courteous, engaging, patient and professional. I’ll recommend him to all my friends!
Judy Levi, Bar Mitzvah
The team at Nomad Raceways is great! We have used them for several of our large events on Naval Base San Diego and could not be happier. They provide excellent customer service and our guests love the slot car racing. We will continue to book Nomad Raceways for our future events
Brian Delamontaigne, Naval Base San Diego
“Nomad lived up to their promise and produced an exciting event that drew folks into our exhibit. People had more fun than I would have believed as the Nomad crew ran a flawless three days of racing with top quality equipment and expert racing supervision. Jim created a custom track scaled to our space and did so under a tight timetable. We paid the estimated price and were elated with the level of service and commitment from the Nomad team. Thanks, Nomad, for helping us deliver a great experience to our visitors.”
Rob Murphy, MC2
Nomad was my Swiss Army tool for this show. Not only did they provide a novel attraction, they added an edge of excitement and competition. They increased our visibility by branding the cars and track with our logos. And they looked great! I ordered extra cars as VIP gifts. Jim’s play by play call of the races projected our message as each car was named after a different feature. The racing table even provided display space at the center of attention. Pricing, including all related expenses, was very reasonable. I’m sure we’ll use Nomad Slot Racing again!
Garret M., Intel
There were many creative booths and stands at the Solutions Exchange. One of our favorites was Kaspersky Lab’s. They were running slot car races throughout the conference.
B. R., VM Ware Conferences
The Austin Healey Conclave was the site of exciting racing produced by Nomad Slot Racing. They even conducted a craft session for the kids to build miniature Healey’s to be raced all weekend! Super fun for all ages!
Bob Martin, Austin Healey Club of America
We’ve tried many ways to raise funds at our school fair. Having seen them in action, I knew Nomad would be a great attraction both kids and parents would enjoy. (They were!) I was less certain that ticket sales would offset the costs. Jim suggested that I seek a business sponsor to cover Nomad’s fee. I reached out to a local business supporter. With the opportunity to have their name on the exciting racetrack at the center of our event, it was an easy ask. On the day of the fair, Jim was professional, and clearly the hit of the event, we sold more tickets than ever before and the business supporter was pleased with the exposure and good will gained from having his company mentioned so many times in the exciting play by play calling of the races and logos on the track and cars. The kids and business partner are looking forward to racing again next year!
Carol P., N.R. Elementary School
For three seasons and over 24 events, Nomad Slot Racing has made the Kaspersky booth a real attraction in the Solutions Exchanges across the US Canada and internationally. Jim has been 100% reliable and tirelessly engaged our clients with humor and unmatched professionalism. It’s amazing that one man and his racing game can draw traffic, scan attendees, entertain, inform, engage, distribute and manage promotional items. Awesome!
Gaye Lockwood, Kapersky Labs
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