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Panoz 1447 Our Fastest Slot Car – or not?

I am often asked which is my fastest slot car.  There are several possible answers. The Panoz 1447 was the fastest by lap count on …

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No skill?

Someone in Quora asks why there would be any skill involved in driving slot cars with magnets.   Here was my reply about slot car racing …

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Too much Class?

Proxy races are a”thing” in slot car racing,  “Build and mail entries to the track to be driven by impartial drivers” is not new.  But …

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World Challenge Theory

As a slot car racer since 1964, I remember reading about Gene Husting’s Magwinders and other fascinating drag cars in magazines, some of which are …

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1/32 Drags?!

I have seen a few… but generally it seems that 1/32 scale slot racers do not consider drag racing. This, despite the fact that many …

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Slot Car Heroes logo

Heroes lost and found

          In 2005 I bought some motors and gears from “Slot Car Heroes” as upgrades for my racers at Nomad Slot Racing.   The “Heroes” website …

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Map of Slot Car locations

Are any slot car tracks still open?

Are any slot car tracks still open? When entertaining with our portable slot car tracks, I am often greeted by people surprised that slot cars …

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Slot Car Rules: the “One G Slot Car Magnet Rule”

Good Slot Car Rules make for good slot car racing. For 10 years, Nomad Raceways held weekly club races (often 3 or more per week) …

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