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Too much Class?

Proxy races are a”thing” in slot car racing,  “Build and mail entries to the track to be driven by impartial drivers” is not new.  But drag racing seems especially suited for such events since drivers can be removed as a factor, and an event that does not require gathering seems especially appropriate now.Does our  Slot Car Drag Race Proxy World Challenge event have “too many classes” as some, suggest?  Maybe that would be true if we had to run all the cars in one day, but we will continue as long it takes to run all cars. All cars will be stored in their boxes as they arrive until we run their class, then repackaged the same day, so we will not have too many cars out at once. Seems to us more classes mean more opportunities to win and more people from a wide variety of interests can discover the fun of slot car drag proxy racing. Looking at the professionals, we see that the NHRA has over 200 classes and 15 categories. We have only 27! Our classes closely match the NHRA categories, but we also have classes based on slot car categories. Some of these, like the vintage classes, have been holding successful Drag Proxies for many years. We think it is time for all who are interesting in building and modeling little fast cars to meet the “Challenge.”  All the event details can be seen here.

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