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After racing around the world, San Diego company lands in Little Rock

Little Rock, AR 9/24/2019 — Nomad Raceways has been entertaining with portable slot car (remote control miniature car) race tracks at events since 2003.  Appearances at conventions, conferences, sports events, sales promotions and parties for audiences from small children to corporate CEOs have had the Nomad Crew traveling worldwide.  Now, company founder, Jim Cunningham has announced that tracks based out of Little Rock, Arkansas are available immediately for local or far flung events. 

Several tracks are offered, each suited to different client needs. “The cars and track systems are based on those I have used in expert competitions but optimized for brief races that are easy for anyone to try, entertaining to watch and exciting to play,” says Jim Cunningham, Nomad Raceways Founder. “In trade shows, our objective is to draw attention and engage in a hands-on race featuring the client’s logos and branding.  We can offer a relevant promotional prize and even collect prospective contact info for lead generation.  At conferences and parties, we use a longer format that encourages socialization and can execute real competitions. Awards have ranged from stickers to vacations, computer systems and automobiles.  Of course, for kids or party events we can entertain even small groups for hours of pure fun.”  Some tracks pack in flight cases, for efficient transport anywhere. Other tracks can fill a room, travel in our truck, or crates and require more set-up.  In some instances, the Nomad team can even create dioramic tracks, with historically correct cars and detailed scenery, such as our Monte Carlo hill climb.  

Start line of 1967 Rally Monte Carlo Ferrari 350 GTO climbs past Biker Corner

Currently, Nomad Raceways’ “Quadrophenia” track is traveling with Acura to the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship events.  Cunningham and San Diego based partner Joseph Wind travel to each race to set up and operate the tracks for race fans and professional drivers alike.

Nomad Raceways Quadrophenia slot car track ready to perform at the Acura Long Beach Gran Prix Fan Zone.


One might suppose that miniature auto racing appeals largely to gearheads, but Nomad Raceways have found enthusiastic response from virtually every audience they have faced.  Arkansas does not have Southern California’s obsessive car culture, but people everywhere know a good time when they see it.  Nomad Raceways hopes to bring big fun with small cars to the Natural State. 


Myer Shank Acura racing drivers race slot cars at Wakins Glen on Nomad Raceways track. Nomad Oval slot car racetrack in action at street fair. Nomad Flying Oval Slot Car Track at Neiman Marcus Event

Cunningham’s passion for his business is evident.  He has participated in club and even professional level slot car races since early childhood, often building innovative race winning cars. He keeps two tracks set up in his home, hosting club races there and introducing newcomers to the hobby.  He has a collection of hundreds of vintage slot racers displayed in his home and restores spends rainy days building, restoring and driving them. 

Gran Prix slot track in jim’s home.

Cunningham and other Central Arkansas Slot Racer club members travel to races weekly at home club tracks and commercial slot car raceways like Batesville Slot Car Raceway and Grable’s Raceway in  Clinton, AR.  

Professional 8 lane slot car racetrack at Clinton, AR


Jim Cunningham


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