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Fira Gran Via in Barcelona is a spectacular convention center.  As event attraction professionals we arrived early, as usual, to scout our client’s location and transportation logistics from the hotel. Then to setup and test our convention attraction slot car track. The client had a large booth in a great location, but they had forgotten …

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Why the name Quadrophenia?

The original “Quadrophenia” was a masterpiece rock album and a film. The Who invented the term, “Quadrophenia” to describe a state of confusion and finding oneself through four elements/traits personified by the four band members and the movie’s schizophrenic lead character.  I named our premier slot car racing track Quadrophenia because it has a versatile …

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In the early 1960s, my family built a miniature world in the basement.   Our model train layout, 1963. Tiny people, each with their own story, lived in tiny plastic houses or worked in charming little shops or the local mill.  Around and through it all, ran the train. Creating that world and inventing those …

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For Immediate Release

After racing around the world, San Diego company lands in Little Rock Little Rock, AR 9/24/2019 — Nomad Raceways has been entertaining with portable slot car (remote control miniature car) race tracks at events since 2003.  Appearances at conventions, conferences, sports events, sales promotions and parties for audiences from small children to corporate CEOs have …

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Slot Car Track Design Philosophy of Nomad Raceways

Nomad Raceways is now offering slot car track design and slot car track kits for home, club and commercial use.  With them you can create layouts that maximize slot racing potential. Through long experience, racing on every scale and type slot car track, our designs consider all the important elements.  Driver sight lines, marshaling accessibility, …

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No skill?

Someone in Quora asks why there would be any skill involved in driving slot cars with magnets.   Here was my reply about slot car racing skills: Many contemporary slot cars use magnets that attract the cars to the rails. Some slot car manufacturers do this because it makes the cars easier to drive.  Also, less …

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