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Fira Gran Via in Barcelona is a spectacular convention center.  As event attraction professionals we arrived early, as usual, to scout our client’s location and transportation logistics from the hotel. Then to setup and test our convention attraction slot car track. The client had a large booth in a great location, but they had forgotten to order the tables for our “Flying Oval” track.  Sometimes, the client drops the ball… I checked with Exhibitor Services, no tables had been ordered and none were available. “I really need those tables, what can be done?” I pleaded.

“Nothing” was the answer.

I had seen an IKEA from the cab on the way from the hotel to the convention center.  So, I called a cab and went shopping.  I found two lovely wood and chrome tables of the right size, named “Norden”. I put my Norden twins in a cart and headed for check out.  Paying fraction of the rental cost would feel like justice. 

Prices for delivery and assembly services were posted overhead.  I can handle assembly, but the Norden twins were not going to fit in a cab. I added the delivery option at checkout being careful to specify the hall entrance, so I could claim the delivery in that vast hall.  But the response was, “next delivery is between 8 and 12 on Monday”.  It was Thursday and my setup time ended in six hours. “I really need delivery today, as soon as possible. I can pay a rush fee. What can you do for me?”, I pleaded again.

“Nothing” was the answer.

“You want them or not?” Customer service is bit different in Barcelona. 

It would be a long push, back to Fira Gran Via, and the bright blue IKEA cart might look stolen
three miles from the store.  In Southern California, day workers congregate outside Home Depots….maybe… Yes!  There they were.  Immediate delivery help with un-packaging and assembly with a smile.  Best customer service on my entire week in Barcelona.

In the final race on day three I offered a special race prize. The Norden twins were carried home by the thrilled race winners.

“Nothing” is better than that!

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