Nomad Raceways

What does a Slot Car Pro do in his off time…

When we aren’t traveling the world setting up slot car tracks for events…I (Jim) build and restore slot cars and tracks of course!

Inspired by the 1967 Rally of Monte Carlo, the course starts in the valley Climbs the ski lodge and back to the valley in a loop.

The top turn around of Monte Carlo. Rally fans are always right out in the action

Renault Alpine climbing Monte Carlo. Onne of Nonmad Raceways slot car tracks.

“C” Jaguar heads down at MonteCarlo. This track is a beautiful example of a custom scenic track that we can build for our customers.

Gran Prix Digital slot car track in home in Little Rock, AR

Nomad Raceways Gran Prix track accomodates Up to 6 drivers jockying for 1st place, while up to 4 automated patrol or ghost cars roam free.

A small piece of my personal “museum” of cars. Slowly growing since 1964

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